Salary Advances Will Help Get You Back On Track

Payday AdvancesPayday advances are short term loans that help people who find themselves short of necessary funds to manage their life and pay bills until their next paycheck arrives. If you want to ask for a cash advance with PurplePayday Loans, kindly complete the application on our website. After you submit it, we’ll take it and show it to the list of trusted lenders to get your money. After waiting for just a few moments, you’ll find out about the approval.

You can call us for free using the number (800) 515-2429 to apply for cash advances by call.

You could also apply for a loan from us by calling us at this number (800) 515-2428 for free.

● All you need are two minutes to finish our simple application form.
● We don’t hold your credit against you, we accept everyone for loans.
● You’ll see in an instant if you got approval for a loan.


Payday AdvancesSalary advances are useful for borrowers who find themselves short of the funds that they need to make it to the next payday, then a payday lender is always ready to help. The borrower needs to arrive at the payday lender's location with a few items to facilitate the process. Identification is necessary for legal and security purposes. The borrower should also bring some proof of employment. The best way to prove employment and qualify for payday advances is to bring a recent paycheck stub. A bank statement may not be necessary in this situation but it would certainly be helpful.

If the payday lender is satisfied with the documentation and the validity of the borrower's employment, then the loan will take place. At this point the lender requests that the borrower write a check for the loan along with the other required fees charged to the borrower.

Payday AdvancesThis sounds confusing but the lender is not going to cash the check immediately. Instead, the lending agent will ask the borrower to postdate the check with the date in which the borrower is expected to receive payment for his or her work. Finally, the lending agent hands over cash in the amount for which the check was written. Postdating the check this way allows borrowers some time to come up with the funds to repay their payday advances.

It also allows them to walk out of the store location with the money that they need. The lender can rest assured that payday advances will be properly repaid one way or the other. Either the borrower will return to repay the advance before the loan's maturity date or the lender will simply cash the check left in its offices. A complication can arise if the borrower does not return to pay back one of these payday advances and it turns out that there are insufficient funds to cover the check in the bank account. The lender will certainly charge an additional fee. This may also complicate the possibility of further advances made between the lender and the borrower.


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