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Payday Cash Advance – Get Cash Before Your Payday

A payday cash advance is a short-term cash loan that can help you get by until payday.
When you apply for payday loans
with Purple Payday Loans, we will submit your application to our network of lenders
and get you the cash you need fast. You’ll know in seconds if you’re approved and
for how much.

If you would rather apply for your payday loan by phone, you can simply call us
at (800) 515-2429.

  • Our 2-minute application is fast and easy to complete.
  • Bad credit is not a problem. We specialize in bad credit loans!
  • You’ll know instantly if you’ve been approved, for how much, and what the fees are.

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Payday isn’t until next week, but you need cash now. Get a payday cash advance
to get the cash you need today and pay it back on payday. Since you get cash, you
can use the loan money for anything you need. Use the money to fix your car so you
can continue working, buy groceries, pay a bill or just to have extra cash.

There are no credit checks to get a payday cash advance. All you need to have is
a steady job and a valid checking account. Bring pay stubs to show your pay and
pay date. You write a check for the amount of the original loan plus any fees and
the loan company holds it until your next payday. On payday, you can pick up they
check by paying cash for the full amount of the loan plus fees, or you can let the
loan company deposit the check.

There are fees for a payday cash advance, but they are often less than a cash advance
fee on a credit card. If you are using the loan money to pay utilities, the fees
for the loan are usually less than what you would pay for late fees and reconnections.
When your car breaks down, you need to get it fixed fast so you can get to work.
Get cash now before payday to get your car fixed as soon as possible.

You can apply for a payday cash advance in person, over the phone, by fax or on
the Internet. You will need your bank’s routing numbers and your account number
if applying on the Internet, by phone or by fax. The loan money will be directly
deposited into your account and available within hours.

Different payday cash advances have different terms for the length of time you have
to repay the loan. You will have until your next payday at the least, but some companies
may give you longer. Generally, the full amount of the loan plus fees is due on
your next payday.

If you need cash to pay a utility bill, buy food or pay utilities, consider a payday
loan. You get the cash you need right away so you can take care of your business
quickly. Repayment is easy by stopping by the loan center on payday or letting them
cash your check for you.