Payday Cash AdvanceA cash advance is a loan that you can get to give you some dough before salary. If you apply for these cash advance loans with us in PurplePayday Loans, we’ll send over your applications to some financial lenders to be able to get the money that you require as soon as possible. In just a matter of minutes, we’ll let you know if you were approved for the cash advance and how much you’ll get.

You may also choose to create your application for your cash advance loan through phone call, just dial (800) 515-2429.

● Finish Your Application with Ease in a Matter of Minutes
● We don’t look at your credit scores, in fact one of our specialties is bad credit loans.
● We’ll let you know in less than five minutes if your cash advance loan got approved and
how much you’ll get along with how much the extra fees would be.

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Salary Is In A Week- How Do I Get Money?

Sure, salary will come in just a week’s time but you might need some money right now. You can get a payday cash advance to be able to have the cash you require and simply repay the lender on your next salary. Once you have got the cash in your account, you can spend it wherever you would need to. You can spend the cash to get some much needed car repairs, get some food in your fridge, pay some urgent bills, or simply to have some spare money.

Damn, those credit checks

online cash advance loansWhen you apply for a payday cash advance, you’ll quickly find out that we don’t do credit checks. We just want to see that you have a career with job security along with a valid checking account. You ought to bring some proof of what your income is and when it is coming in as well. Afterwards, you’ll create a check for how much the loan you want would be and add things such as fees, then the lender will keep it until your salary day. When you finally get paid by your job, you can take the check and pay them directly in cash or you could simply allow the lender themselves to deposit the check.

what are the fees for these loans?

There are fees that will be charged if you get a payday cash advance. However, these costs less than if you were to pay for the fees for a cash advance from something like a credit card. Moreover, the fees that you would pay would end up costing much less than having to pay for reconnection fees along with late fees. If you got some engine trouble, you can now get it repaired ASAP to drive to your job. Additionally, you can receive money right now before your payday comes to fix your car.

how am I going to apply?

To apply for a payday cash advance, you have a lot of choices that you can choose from. You can apply for it in person, call us up, send us a fax, or send your application to us online. If you are creating and submitting the application online, we need to see things such as the routing numbers for your bank along with your own account number. Once it’s all done, the cash will be placed in your bank and you will be able to use it after a few hours.

and the terms and conditions?


Payday Cash AdvanceWe have different kinds of payday cash advances that all have different terms. These terms will decide how much time you have until you have to pay off the loan. Normally, we give you until your next salary to pay the lenders back, but certain lenders may offer you more time. However, you should expect them to want the entire loan along with the extra fees to be paid for by your next salary.

when to use them

Whether you need to pay for your house bills, stock up your fridge, or anything else that needs to be paid for urgently, you should try to get a payday loan. You will be given the money that you require within the day to get your needs fulfilled. You can easily pay back the lenders by paying at the loan center when your salary arrives or you can just allow them to cash the check that you left them.

Payday Cash Advance