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How Much Do Payday Loans Cost?

The costs of your payday loan varies based on your application information, the state you live in and the lender you are matched with. When you apply with Purple Payday Loans, there is no obligation to accept the loan if you do not like the terms. You will be presented with full disclosure of the costs and APR of your loan. You only accept the loan if you agree to these costs and terms.

No Obligation – Clear Fee Disclosure


Low Cost Payday LoansJust because you apply for a loan does not mean you have to accept it. You will receive loan offer documents that will clearly spell out all fees and terms of your loan. It is recommended that you review these documents carefully and agree to all fees, terms and conditions prior to accepting the loan.

Other Terms

Loan Documents will have many important terms, including when and how you will receive your funds and when you will need to repay the loan. Again, review these carefully and make sure you agree with them before accepting the loan.

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