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guide to Unsecured loans


Everybody has those moments where they are in dire need of financial support. We understand your situation. We know you had a plan, but there was just this unforeseen circumstance that has driven you to this point.

You do not have to worry if you need an unsecured personal loan to sort out urgent needs. We have all been there, and we know how frustrating that can be. We do not want you to stress any further; we are here to help. We would help you get an unsecured loan as soon as possible.

how we can help you

We would connect you with lenders who are willing to listen to you and fund your loan. The process is simple and very straightforward.

All you need to do is to fill out our secured forms, and you are on your way to accessing that loan you need so much. You do not need to worry if you do not have collateral. That is why our lenders are willing to offer you an unsecured loan. They would only rely on your creditworthiness to grant you the loan.

how to apply for unsecured loans

To begin with, the process, fill out our loan request form to get connected to our lenders. Remember to submit only valid information. You may ruin your chances of getting the loan if you provide the wrong information. Be as honest as you can be in your application process. Our lenders analyze your application and make offers that would suit your demands.

Here, the good thing is that you would have the luxury of going through the offers and choosing one that works for you. We know you value your personal information. We also value it, and that is why we always keep your information confidential.

You do not have to worry about the privacy of your personal information. We are professionals, and we treat your information with the utmost security.

how unsecured loans can help you

There are no limitations on what you can use the money for. Our lenders do not restrict you on how you decide to spend the money. Their service ends when the customer is happy, and they know the customer would only be satisfied when they fund the loan.

Our lenders do precisely that; they focus on funding your loan. It becomes your money when it falls into your account, and our lenders would not tell you how to spend your own money.

There is no guarantee that the lenders would offer you the loan amount you request for. However, our lenders try as much as possible to provide you with an amount that is equivalent to the amount you require.

You may not qualify for that amount if your steady income cannot cover the money with regards to the repayment schedule decided. You may also not qualify for that amount if your credit rating is way below average. Access a loan from the comfort of your home in one business day. Our lenders do not need to see you. Your documents are enough to get you that loan you need.


Requirements for the Unsecured Loan

unsecured-loansOur lenders do not demand what you cannot offer. The requirements are fundamental, and everyone can produce them. This means that it is easy to qualify for payday loans or any loan when you come to us.

The first requirement is that you should be a legal citizen of the United States. You would be asked to present a valid identification card. You would also need to provide proof of a steady source of income.

The lender would also need to know your bank account details. You should present an active bank account since the loan would be disbursed to that account. You should also be at least 18 years old.

If you have all these, you are good to go. You can now sit behind your personal computer and fill out our form. You do not need to offer any property as collateral. Our lenders would not request for one. You can still access the loan from our lenders without collateral.

When you send out your loan request, you will receive offers from lenders who are willing to offer to fund your loan. You can consider the offers. In that case, you should be rather attentive to all the details in the offer.

Check the terms and conditions, the interest rate as well as the amount they are willing to give you. When you settle on one lender, you can proceed to have discussions with the lender. You should ask for clarifications on anything that you are not sure about. Your lender may ask you to submit other documents during the process.

After you have completed the process, you would have to sign up forms to indicate your approval electronically. The money would be transferred into your account as early as by the next business day.


Interest Rates and Processing Fees

unsecured-loansOur lenders charge an amount as the fee for processing your loan. This fee would be disclosed to you in the course of the loan processing. The interest rate that will be charged will also be made known to you.

In the end, you would know exactly how much you would pay when the repayment period is due. In cases where you have questions concerning the fee or the interest rate, go ahead and ask for clarifications from your lender. Your lender would try as much as possible to explain everything to you.

Repayment Schedule

Every borrower is expected to repay their loan on time. This will enable our lenders to grant loans to other requesters. Your lender will discuss the repayment schedule with you.

If you are to repay in installments, the lender will let you know, and you would also see the amount you would be paying every repayment period. In most cases, lenders schedule dates for monthly payments if you are paying in installments.

Most of our lenders do not want you to stress when repaying your loan. Hence, they provide account numbers for you to pay into. Some of them also debit your account directly when the period is due. In both cases, you do not have to walk to any office to repay your loan.

It is advisable that you discuss and agree on a repayment schedule that you can comfortably meet. You should also make it a point to always pay on time. Once you default on your payment, you reduce the chance of accessing a loan another time.

Many people choose our lenders over traditional lenders because of the convenience and the speed of processing. Most traditional lenders require that you fill up a pile of papers just to access a loan. The loan request process also takes a more extended period compared to the loan offered by our lenders. You do not want to go through that stress.

Note to loan Requesters


Any form of collateral does not secure these loans, and the lenders suffer a higher risk when they grant these loans. These loans are sometimes called signature loans. This is because they are only backed by the signature of the borrower and his or her credit history. Due to the high risk involved in granting this loan, lenders grant these loans at a higher interest rate.

We would also want our customers to know that we are not lenders. We only connect borrowers to lenders who are willing to finance loans. Hence, we cannot guarantee that your loan request would be approved. Loan requesters should also communicate directly with lenders whenever they have questions concerning the process.

Lenders may run quick checks on loan requesters. This is just to help lenders know who they are dealing with, and their creditworthiness. We also recommend that loan requesters read our privacy terms and understand our stance on privacy. 

Loans offered by our lenders are usually short-term loans, and you can use them to solve these urgent problems. These loans cannot be used as a long-term financial solution.