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Maryland Payday Loans

If you are one of the citizens living in the beautiful state of Maryland, you are
probably, like most, an honest, hard working person who is trying to get by the
best way you can. Sometimes, however, your budget does not stretch out until the
end of the week. Usually, this is due to an unforeseen emergency that is beyond
your control. However, Maryland payday loans are illegal in their
state. This is because the senate passed Joint Resolution Seven, back in 2002. This
law states that all loan companies have to obey the law against usury. Usury is
the practice of lending money at excessive interest rates. In Maryland, the interest
rate may not exceed 33% APR.

It is important to note that payday loan laws and regulations vary by state. Certain
states restrict the number of loans you can have within a certain amount of time,
the rate lenders can charge, the amount companies can lend and other terms of the
loans. Information for
Payday Loan Laws in Maryland
is provided for your convenience.

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For somebody who just purchased tickets to the Redskins-Cowboys game, only to have
their car break down, a payday loan is a great opportunity to take care of the car
repair. The tickets are non-refundable, and the car is needed to get to work, so
a payday loan will help them get the car fixed, see the game, and be back to work
on Monday. A Maryland payday loan is done several ways. One is
to visit a loan office and give them a check that is post-dated about two weeks
from the day of the loan. Sometimes the person seeking the loan will be charged
15.00 dollars per 100.00 dollars they borrow. Unfortunately, that is an interest
rate that far exceeds the 33% APR mandated by law. However, the rate is well worth
it to the person who finds themself in a financial squeeze.

Another way to get a payday loan is online, and it only takes an hour, or less for
approval. All a person needs is to be a United States citizen, be at least 18-years
of age, be currently employed and making at least 1,000-dollars per month, and have
a savings or checking account with a direct deposit option. By emailing their information
along with a photo ID, and the name and address of their employer, they can have
their loan by the next business day. The loans are always confidential, and are
never reported to a third party, or the employee’s employer.

Maryland is an exciting place in which to reside, and to visit. People who live
in Maryland have a choice of numerous storied professional sports franchises they
can go out to see play. However, when you are busy working just to break even, you
sometimes lose sight of all of the attractions that surround you. Besides the Lincoln
Memorial, famed Civil War battlegrounds, and the nation’s capitol, there are attractions
such as the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This aquarium tour puts the visitor
eye-to-eye with sharks, stingrays, and other predators of the deep. To some people,
the terms of a Maryland payday loan sound steep, but if you have an emergency, or
just want to take the family out, but are short of money, the terms are not a burden,
they are a blessing.

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